errors in programming
errors in programming

8 Common Types of Errors During Programming

Interested in programming languages? You should first identify what types of errors in programming can occur at any time.

Learning programming languages ​​will also not be done instantly. The reason is, there are several challenges when studying this.

For example, there is an error that causes an error to make the website or application unable to function optimally.

No need to worry if you are not too familiar with the types of errors in programming.

Come on, let’s look at the types of errors when programming that Glints has prepared below.

1. Logical Error

As explained by Hedgethink, logical errors are the most difficult errors to detect.

That’s because this one error occurred not because of a writing error or an error in the runtime process.

However, also because of errors from the programmer in the use of the algorithm.

When the logic is wrong, the resulting output will also be wrong. Then to detect it is quite difficult and time consuming.

Most of the logical errors occur because of errors in calculations or using the wrong variables.

When a logical error occurs, it usually doesn’t stop the program completely. The reason is, the program will still be able to run normally, but cannot function as expected.

2. Syntax Error

In addition to logical errors, one of the most common types of programming errors that occur is syntax errors or grammatical errors.

This type of error is called the most common in programming. Even so, detecting it is quite easy and not as complicated as a logical error.

Teach All About IT also explains that syntax errors can occur when there is a spelling error in one of the keywords or when there is an error with the code structure.

When a syntax error occurs, the code will not run normally because the computer cannot understand it.

To fix this type of error, it only requires accuracy to find any writing errors.

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3. Runtime Error

In the BBC’s presentation, a runtime error is an error that occurs while running a program.

There are several causes for this type of error. For example, errors in the input process, calculation errors, and output processes.

When a runtime error occurs, the potential for a program to crash is quite large.

If you want to fix this type of error, the programmer inevitably has to go back to the coding phase to find the error.

4. Compilation Error

The type of error in programming that you need to know is compilation error.

Techspirited explains that compilation errors occur when a program written in a high-level language is converted to a machine-readable form.

In the process, several types of errors such as syntax errors may appear. In fact, sometimes even though the code syntax is correct, compilation errors can still occur.

This is due to a problem with the compiler itself. However, don’t worry because this type of error can be fixed in the development phase.

5. Interfacing Error

Interfacing errors are most likely to occur due to a mismatch of the software program with the hardware interface used.

Meanwhile, in the case of web applications, it usually occurs due to using the wrong web protocol.

6. Arithmetic Error

According to Textexpander, arithmetic error is one type of error in programming that is classified as a logical error.

However, this error involves mathematical calculations, not in programming language writing.

This generally happens because the computer cannot do the calculations entered by you.

For example, when you ask the computer to divide by 0 (zero).

Since it can’t be done mathematically, it can cause errors that prevent the program from running properly.

To fix this, you can do things like:

understand basic math operations
avoid mistakes in using parentheses or the order of operations
using negative numbers in doing calculations

7. Resource Error

Launching TechSpirited, resource error is a type of error in programming when the value of the variable you enter is too large, making it exceed the maximum programming limit.

A program will use a number of resources provided by the computer to make it run.

When a program requires more resources than the computer can provide, it will cause a resource error.

To fix this, you can use a load-testing application to find out what will happen when you run the same program at the same time.

8. Semantic Error

Launching PCMag, semantic error is a type of error in programming that is similar to logical error.

However, the difference is that logical errors produce incorrect data. Meanwhile, semantic error produces something that has no meaning at all.

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Well, those are the types of errors that commonly occur during the programming process.

What kind of errors do you often find? Come on, fill out the poll below!

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The occurrence of errors or errors above can actually be avoided if you are more careful and do good planning at the coding stage.

If you want to be proficient quickly and avoid mistakes, you have to be consistent to keep learning.

The development of technology and the internet also makes it easier for you to learn programming languages ​​anywhere and anytime.

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