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Augmented Reality or AR is a technology that achieves real-time integration of digital computer-generated content with the real world. Augmented Reality allows users to see 2D or 3D virtual objects projected onto the real world.

How did you start to understand?

How Augmented Reality Works

As discussed above, AR can be displayed on various tools such as mobile phones, special glasses, cameras, screens, webcams, and so on. These devices will function as output devices. Why output devices?

Thus, users can see the results in both artificial and natural light. Augmented Reality or AR uses SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology, sensors, and depth meters. For example, collecting sensor data to determine a location, calculating the distance from the previous location to the location, etc.

Of course, all of that cannot be separated from the AR supporting components, including the following.

Cameras and Sensors

Cameras and sensors are used to collect collaborative information data with users and send them for processing. The camera on the phone has the ability to examine the environment and acquired data, as well as being able to locate physical items and generate 3D objects.


You need to know the projection of one of the AR components. This component refers to small projectors. For example a kind of AR headset. The device takes information from sensors and projects computerized content onto the surface for viewing.

However, in reality the use of this component has not been fully designed for use in tools.


Some AR gadgets have mirrors to help the human eye see the image virtually. Cool isn’t it? Yes because some of them have variations of a small bent mirror and some have double sided mirrors. Serves to reflect light to the camera and into the user’s eyes.

The purpose of the reflection mode is to play a precise and accurate setting of the image.

Currently, Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the technologies that has developed so rapidly.

The latest development, this technology can be used to cut (cut) or copy (copy) an object in the real world into a laptop/PC device.

The innovation of AR technology itself was first noticed from the Twitter tweet of a programmer named Cyril Diagne.


In his tweet, he shared a demo video showing how AR technology could allow someone to copy and paste objects from the real world into a nearby laptop running design software like Photoshop.

If you look at the demo video, how to use it is very easy and it seems suitable for those of you who often have difficulty finding illustrations of objects for design purposes or working on documents.

Users simply point the smartphone camera at the object in the real world that they want to capture, and after that point the smartphone at the laptop screen so that the object will automatically appear in digital form.

She say that this AR technology works thanks with Machine Learning (machine learning). In doing copy and paste, she takes about 2.5 seconds to copy objects and 4 seconds to paste.

AR innovation

However, he claims the duration for doing the scanner can be accelerated. In fact, he’s already put this AR innovation on GitHub so anyone who feels like improving the speed of their scanner can do it themselves.

Reported from The Verge (6/5), currently the technology is still only a prototype. However, if you look at the video made by her, it is possible that several big technology companies, such as Google or Apple. They have already or are in the middle of doing the same innovation for their newest products later.

So, just hope to see AR technology present on your smartphone in the near future.

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