coding applications for kids
coding applications for kids

Coding Applications For Kids Learning Programming

Learning programming languages ​​(coding) can now easily and fun. Now there are many coding applications for kids that can access online. Coding skills are very useful for children. Its including helping children create their own websites or games, improving logic and problem solving skills, as well as being a way to express ideas and creativity in a unique way.

Here are free apps to learn coding that you can suggest to kids: is coding applications for kids that can use by parents who want to get free access for their children to learn coding. Currently, 45 million children have participate in the Hour of Code organize by

As a non-profit organization,’s mission is to make it possible for everyone to learn computer science, especially programming. In addition, their mission is to increase the number of women and children in underdevelop countries studying computer science. was launch in 2013 as a project initiate by Ali and Present Partovi. Initially, they made a video about studying computer science on YouTube. Then, 15,000 schools contact to ask for their help in teaching children.

Code Monster

Code Monster is a coding applications for kids that fun way to learn and get to know basic programming concepts for kids.

So, Code Monster built by Crunchzilla. This learning coding platform provides interactive tutorials for kids that focus on the instant changes that occur to images when code is change.

Each project in Code Monster will start with a simple, single-color square image, then tutorials will invite children to experiment with complex animations and patterns.

Programming concepts such as variables, loops, conditionals, expressions, and functions will also introduce through various examples. Unlike Scratch and Tynker, Code Monster will require kids to be creative to type their own code manually.

Khan Academy

Khan academy, a nonprofit that provides free coding applications for kids, has basic programming tutorials that teach kids how to create graphics, animations, interactive visualizations, and more.

They’ve also have partner like Pixar Animation to give kids the opportunity to learn how Pixar artists work.

Khan Academy was found in 2006 by Salman Khan with the mission of “providing high quality education for everyone everywhere”.

Khan Academy also has a mobile application as Khan Academy Kids that can be a learning tool for children.


Scratch is an coding applications for kids which is interactive visual-base programming language. Through scratch, children can create animations, games, and other program creations.

Scratch makes it easy for children to write programs without having to worry about writing syntax, because there is no need to write scripts. Children only need to use the drag and drop feature of the code blocks that have been provide, then arrange and form a logic that can be execute so that it becomes a program.

Scratch is made by the MIT Media Lab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) United States, which is used for learning children aged 8 to 16 years. This programming language can be the choice of novice programmers to practice computational thinking.

There are two versions available namely online and offline. If you want to use the offline version, you will need to download Scratch Editor and Adobe Air. Scratch Editor is an offline version of scratch that can use anytime and anywhere without an internet connection. Meanwhile, the online version you can access via

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