Common Mistakes Made By Novice Programmers
Common Mistakes Made By Novice Programmers

Common Mistakes Made By Novice Programmers

A professional programmer must have been a beginner at first. As beginner programmers, it’s natural that we all make mistakes. But sometimes programmers don’t realize that what we are doing is wrong or even counterproductive.

So, so that you know what to avoid, we have summarized the common mistakes made by novice programmers through the following explanation.

Learn multiple programming languages ​​at once

Learning multiple programming languages ​​at once will overwhelm you. It is also be counterproductive because each language has a different orientation, concept and syntax structure.

It would be better if you first learn one language until you really master it before learning another language. That way you will have the foundation of understanding the basic concepts of programming and the confidence to start learning a new programming language.

Skipping learning basic concepts

Some of the novice programmers may be impatient and want to be able to code quickly so they skip learning the essential basic concepts. In fact, learning basic concepts is important to strengthen understanding and familiarize yourself with the framework of a programming language. Therefore, it would be better if you learn step by step so that your learning process is more structured and effective.

Learning is only glued to the tutorial

If we just follow the tutorial, we will find it difficult to understand the logic. Flow and framework behind a programming process. We don’t know why this is so, why a code may or may not work. If you really want to learn you have to think critically, don’t just watch tutorials but also look for explanations.

Not planning

Coding without planning makes the code unstructured properly and risks causing logical errors so that you have to write code from scratch. With planning, you will have a clear picture of the flow of how the program will work so it will be easier for you to solve problems and save time.


When learning programming, not a few novice programmers give up and decide to stop halfway. Usually the cause is a loss of motivation and lack of painstaking and patience.

Learning programming is not an easy matter, especially if it is done independently. The solution that you can try is to join a forum or programmer community. Where you can share and support each other as well as ask and answer questions and learn from each other.

In learning programming it’s okay to make mistakes, making mistakes is part of learning. The most important thing is that you want to learn from those mistakes and don’t repeat the same mistakes. Never stop learning, so that you can develop into a more reliable programmer every day.

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