Programming Languages
Programming Languages

Programming Languages And How To Choose One

Programming languages is a string of words in the form of instructions or commands that usually consist of many lines that can be understood by computers. This programming language must be mastered by a developer in order to build an application or software. And to make certain applications, a programming language is also according to the needs of the application to be made.

The number of programming languages ​​is very much. Of the many programming languages ​​that exist today, of course, developers do not use all of the existing programming languages. They only use 1 or 2 programming languages ​​in developing software.

According to Tiobe, one of the research institutes that has been trying for several years to rank the world’s popular programming languages, which is manifested in the December 2014 edition of the TIOBE Programming Community Index, Java and C are still the first and second most popular programming languages.

Then in PYPL Popularity of Programming Language also release 11 programming languages ​​that are widely until November 2014, showing Java and PHP in the first and second positions while C ranks 6.

The data above is a popular programming language in the world, in this article CodePolitan will summarize 10 popular programming languages in Indonesia. In addition to using data from TIOBE and PYPL, CodePolitan summarizes popular programming languages on the number of members of a Facebook group that discusses programming. Here is a review of 10 popular programming languages ​​in Indonesia:

1. JAVA Languages

Java is a programming language that can be run on various platforms, from PCs to mobile devices. This programming language was originally developed in The Green Project in 1991 by Sun Microsystems which is later release on Oracle. The name Java itself was chosen because one of the founders of Java, James Gosling, really likes pure coffee which is directly ground from a grinding machine (tubruk coffee) where this type of coffee comes from the island of Java in Indonesia.

Java has become one of the most popular programming languages, not for no reason, this programming language has several advantages such as being able to run on different operating systems, then this programming language is include in OOP programming (object orientation programming) so that programmers are easier in compiling programs. using this language, besides that this language also has a complete library so that it will be very easy for programmers. And now is an era where Android smartphones are very widely. Applications in Android smartphones are built using the Java language, so there are also many programmers who use this language because it is in high demand.

2. C languages

C language is one of the oldest programming languages ​​ever. The C programming language was develop from around the 70s. The creator of the C language is Dennis Ritchie. C language has become a popular programming language in Indonesia because almost most universities majoring in IT or programming course institutions use this language to be study for the first time before learning other programming languages. Not without reason, C language is the basis for learning other programming languages, because C language is indeed the “father” of other programming languages ​​such as C#, Java, C++, and so on.

3. PHP Languages

PHP (PHP Hypertext Pre-processor) is the most widely programming language in Indonesia. Apart from being free, PHP is widely user because this programming language is a server side scripting that is design to build dynamic websites. In addition, many well-known websites such as Facebook, WordPress, or Digg use PHP in their development. PHP is first develop by Rasmus Lerdorf.

4. Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a programming language develop by Microsoft. This programming language offers a visual IDE in software development. This programming language was develop to create software base on the Windows operating system. VisualBasic itself is a descendant of the BASIC programming language.

A survey in 2005 show that 62% of software developers use Visual Basic in their software development, thus making VisualBasic one of the most popular programming languages. In Indonesia, there is a Visual Basic Indonesia group which has more than 22 thousand members.

5. Python Languages

At the programming language level, Python is a high-level language. Python is one of the programming languages ​​that can build applications, be it web or mobile. Python language is include in the programming language that is quite easy for beginners, because the language is easy to read with a syntax that is easy to understand too. Many large companies use Python in their development such as Instagram, Pinterest and Rdio. Python is also used by Google, Yahoo!, and NASA developers.

In Indonesia, there is a Facebook group that discusses Python which has more than 6000 members. This group is quite active, this group is named Python Indonesia.

6. C++ Languages

C++ is a development programming language from the C language. Therefore, C++ and C have almost the same writing syntax, even though these two programming languages ​​have differences in problem solving. In C language, dividing into smaller sub-problems or  a procedural programming language can solve problem. While C++ is object-oriented where problems are divided into classes. C++ was first developed by Bjarne Stroustrup.

C++ has become a popular programming language because many large software companies use this language to build their software, such as Adobe, Firefox, or Winamp, whose development has now been stop.

7. JavaScript Languages

JavaScript is a programming language by Netscape. The use of JavaScript today is mostly found in web development. With this JavaScript we can create interactive and interesting web. In Indonesia, there is a Facebook group that discusses JavaScript with the name JavaScript Indonesia. The group, which consists of more than 10,000 people, is still active today.

8. C# Languages

C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft. So, C# combines the principles of C and C++. C# is to develop software that uses the Windows platform.

9. Objective-C

Objective-C is an object-oriented programming language. This programming language is for the development of applications on Apple devices. Even the iOS operating system is using this Objective-C programming language.

10. ActionScript

ActionScript is a programming language on ECMAScript which is in the development of websites and software using the Adobe Flash Player platform. The, actionScript is also used in some database applications, such as Alpha Five. This language was originally developed by Macromedia. But is now owned and continued by Adobe, which bought Macromedia in 2005.

The latest Action Script at this time is Action Script 3.0. Action Script 3.0 is the latest language from the edition previously as Action Script 2.0. Action Script 3.0 has several advantages over its predecessors, including the features offered are files in Action Script 3.0  separately at runtime. (

Do you know the steps for choosing a programming language according to our interests? Come on right away!

Before we move on to choosing a programming language, let’s first understand what a programming language is and the following is an explanation, “Programming languages, or often term computer languages ​​or computer programming languages, are standard instructions for governing computers. This programming language is a set of syntactic and semantic rules to define computer programs.

How? Now do you understand what a programming language is? If so, let’s continue on how to choose a Programming Language, OK!

First Stage To Choose Programming Languages

Understand your passion first because it will affect your liking for something and especially programming languages, why is passion important? Because our liking for one language will make us more like about the way we learn and find interesting things from the language we choose, so we won’t get not like quickly if that language is the language we like!

Second Stage To Choose Programming Languages

After previously it was Passion, now is the time to start thinking about what language opportunities in the world of work in the future! Why is this important? Because we don’t only like the language through passion. Because we also have to think about how the fate of the language we learn in the future will be. How do we know it? Here’s the right article for it: The most important programming language in the future!


The Third Stage To Choose Programming Languages

After knowing the Passion and also the Opportunities in the future. This time we will think about the learning path, How do you determine the learning path? Determining the learning path is also very influential on the programming language we will choose and what are the learning paths?

Frontend Engineer
Backend Engineer
This path has the most demand because the opportunity is very high in the world of work. Its also for the learning path related to the three sections you can see directly from After you determine the learning path you can see that there are so many Programming Languages ​​for you for each path. learning yes!

And those 3 stages can help us to choose a Programming Language according to our interests and opportunities in the future!

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