Smartphone Tips To More Use Wisely

Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? According to a research institute, Indonesia is ranked fifth in the list of the largest smartphone users in the world. This shows that the interest of the Indonesian people in smartphone users is very high. However, does this high number increase the productivity of smartphone users themselves? does it decrease productivity?

Maybe you should do some research first to find out the answer. The most important thing is that smartphone users must be smarter in using the smartphone. How to? Check out the following tips.

1. Use applications that support your activities

In the playstore service on smartphones, there are lots of interesting applications on offer. Starting from social media applications, photography, to applications that support this performance. Of the many applications that are offered, we must be good at choosing which ones we actually need. This aims to maximize the utilization of the smartphone.

2. Delete applications that are not very important

The number of interesting applications offered, sometimes makes smartphone users just download the application. In fact, too many applications can cause this performance to be slow. So, delete applications that are not too important.

3. Use it when you need

Lots of people use their smartphones while driving. This is very unsafe for the safety of vehicle users on the road. In addition, when hanging out with friends, there are people who are still focused on their smartphones. As a smart user, you should know when to use the tool and when to leave it for something more important.

4. Take advantage of your spare time

When waiting for the train to come and you don’t bring any reading books, you can use your phone to browse interesting information through the browser application. Instead of just updating something that is not important on social media, it’s better to use your smartphone to update the latest news so that your insight increases.

5. Use to share

Sharing can be very easy when you notice the little things around you. When you find interesting information, you can share it with your friends via social media applications on your smartphone. So, apart from being a wise user, you can also be a wise social media user.

6. Leave the smartphone before bed

One of the reasons why humans have difficulty sleeping is phone. With the phone, people tend to want to always check what’s there. In fact, the time before bed should be used to relax the body and mind, without any disturbance. In addition, so that sleep quality is maintained, apply silent mode on your smartphone before going to bed so that it is not disturbed by notification sounds from the smartphone.

7. Remember that a smartphone is just a tool

The presence of technology in human life is actually to facilitate human activities. Instead of changing the pattern of human life to be less productive and only focused on things that are less useful. Not infrequently people use their phone excessively and don’t seem to want to be separated from them. Use your smartphone as it functions as a tool to facilitate your activities.:

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