Wireless Mouse
Wireless Mouse

Wireless Mouse Function And How To Choose It

Having a computer, of course, must be equipped with a mouse. Wireless mouse can be the best choice to use. Why use a mouse? The mouse is the main supporting tool so that a computer can do its job.

Unlike laptops that have a touch pad, the computer must be connected to a mouse. Despite having a touch pad, not a few laptop users also use a mouse. Nowadays, the most popular mouse used is the wireless mouse and of course is the best wireless mouse.

Having the same function as the touch pad, who would have thought that the mouse has a faster performance than the touch pad. That’s why many laptop users also still use the mouse. In addition, the mouse also has a very important function for your computer or laptop. Curious what it does? Here’s the review.

Mouse Function

Being the main supporting device for a PC (Personal Computer), the mouse has a very important function in a computer device. Here are the functions.

1. To Execute a Program

One of the main functions of the mouse is to execute a program. In PC use, an example is opening a folder. To perform these functions, you must click the mouse and then the computer screen displays what you want.

2. To Select Object

Next is the function to select objects. An example is when you want to select a video to play. You will click on the video folder and then select the video by clicking on it.

3. Doing Drag and Drop

A PC supported with drag and drop functionality. It is also supported by the function of a mouse. This drag and drop process includes move, cut, copy and paste. With the mouse you can perform these functions.

4. Getting Information Through Hover Mouse

Hover is the state of your mouse point on a menu, file or folder. When the pointer is on hover, you can see information about the object. That’s the function

5. Performing a Scroll Operation

When you want to find an object or information or also want to read an article, of course you often do “scroll”. Scroll does not have to be done with the mouse, but it is also supported by using the mouse.

Those are the functions of using a mouse while operating a computer or laptop. There are many types of mouse today, of course you need tips to choose one.

You need to know, the mouse that is most often used today is a wireless mouse. Besides being simple and easy to carry everywhere, this mouse also has a cool design. Curious how to choose the right wireless mouse? Come on, see the following reviews.

How to choose a Good Wireless Mouse

For those of you who want to buy a wireless mouse, there are several things you should know so that you can choose the right one according to your needs. Here’s how to choose the right wireless mouse.

1. Choose a Wireless Mouse That Has a High DPI

When you want to use or buy a wireless mouse, you should choose a mouse that has a minimum DPI of 1000. This will affect the sensitivity in making movements on the mouse.

2. Choose a Wireless Mouse That Can be On/Off

There are so many different types of mice today. That’s why in choosing the mouse, make sure you choose a mouse that can be On/Off. This can help you when you want to leave the PC for a while, you can turn it off temporarily. The goal is to save the power of the mouse.

3. Choose a Mouse That Has Dongle Storage

Next is to select a mouse that has dongle storage. Basically the dongle should not be kept on the PC and must be removed when not in use. In order not to be lost or damaged, the dongle must be stored properly. That’s why choose a mouse that has the dongle storage.

4. Check Wireless Mouse Connectivity

Wireless mice currently have different connectivity such as USB receiver connectivity and also bluetooth. Make sure you choose according to your needs. For the USB receiver, do the port settings used.

5. Check the Sensir System In The Wireless Mouse

For sensor systems, wireless mice have various variants of sensor systems. For the blue LED sensor, it can be used without a mouse pad. To use a mouse with a red LED sensor, the system must be used with a mouse pad.

6. Check Mouse Charging Way

Next is to check the charging of the mouse. Charging can be done by charging or battery. Make sure you choose according to your needs.

Those are some tips for choosing a wireless mouse

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